from 3 p.m. to 9p.m.

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We are therefore inviting you to our first herb plant exchange!
If you have too many plants or simply want to donate, please do come along. Everyone who donates will receive a fairtrade coffee or tea for free!

We are looking for ancient or rare herbal or medicinal varieties in special. You may also bring plants of your  garden.
The plants will be part of the new roof herb garden at Berdorfer Eck (and as the roof garden will be partly accessible to the public, you have the possibility to come and visit and see how it will grow 😉 ).

May 17th is also Fair Friday – we are participating in the campaign ” Letz’ Step to Fairtrade” by  Fairtrade Luxemburg -so we will have a vegetarian and also a chicken peanutbutter fairtrade basmati rice on our kitchen stove for our hungry visitors…

…and of course some homemade sweets!

Please confim you venue by phone:  26784434 or mail: